Londoners suffering with limited phone service could be set for a boost – after the Mayor announced plans to speed up the process of fixing signal “not spots”.

Sadiq Khan today (Friday) published guidance for commercial landlords and public property owners, to standardise the process for mobile providers to access rooftops and other sites.

This access is essential so companies can install the kit needed for good phone signal across the city.

The new agreement will help 4G mobile users by tackling poor connectivity, as well as laying the groundwork for the future rollout of 5G – which will require new mobile infrastructure.

Phone connections are essential in the capital, with Londoners currently using 38 million gigabytes of mobile data every year – a fifth of all data in Britain.

And every year, the amount of data used in the UK grows between 25 and 42 per cent, according to the Government’s Digital Strategy.

Theo Blackwell, London’s chief digital officer, said the new guidance would benefit businesses and the public.

He said: “Today good mobile coverage is an expectation for all those who live, work or visit London.

“This guidance is part of the Mayor’s commitment to enhance mobile and fixed connectivity in the capital.

“It helps end uncertainty which has stopped or slowed infrastructure being put in place across London with a new, consistent approach.”