The general public have shared their opinions on if they believe PM Boris Johnson should resign.

A public poll indicates that the UK is divided in their beliefs on if the Prime Minister should resign, following the Supreme Court ruling his decision to suspend parliament as unlawful.

Find Out Now, an instant online survey tool, collected data from 37,000 UK residents in under six hours questioning their stance on if Mr Johnson should resign.

The majority of participants seemed in favour for the Prime Minister’s resignation, with 39.96 percent saying he should resign and 38.07 per cent of poll voters saying he should continue his role.

While the votes saw a near equal split, 21.97 per cent of the sample asked declined to comment.

Which areas showed Boris most support?

Out of the 237 responses from Watford postcodes, 79 people believed he should resign, 102 said that he shouldn’t resign and 56 declined to respond.

Postcodes around St Albans and Harpenden seemed to have quite an opposite view, as 104 said that he should resign, 85 people said that he shouldn’t resign, and 84 people failed to decline out of the 273 responses.

Harrow likewise had a pro-resignation attitude, 114 said he should resign, 89 said that he shouldn’t resign, and 79 people declined to comment, out of 282 responses.

Areas within Barnet and Enfield had a very close result out of 252 responses, 98 people believed Mr Johnson should resign, 99 believed that he shouldn’t and 55 declined to comment.

What did other groups think?

Interestingly, age appeared to be a major factor in the public’s consensus. Out of the entire UK sample, age brackets between 18 to 44 were more in agreement that Mr Johnson should resign. Ages from 45 and over instead mainly stood in support of Mr Johnson.

Harrow Times: How opinions differed in ages. Data collected from Find Out NowHow opinions differed in ages. Data collected from Find Out Now

Participants who classed themselves as employed showed more support for his resignation (43.05 per cent) opposed to him continuing as Prime Minister (36.25 per cent).

Self-employed participants instead showed more support for Mr Johnson remaining as Prime Minister (44.45 per cent) opposed to him resigning (40.03 per cent).

People out of work and looking for work also wanted Mr Johnson to leave (45.51 per cent), whereas only 37.68 per cent stood by his side.

In contrast, those out of work but currently not looking for work believed he shouldn’t resign (46.72 per cent) and less believed he should resign (40.65 per cent).

Harrow Times: How opinions differed in employment status. Data collected from Find Out NowHow opinions differed in employment status. Data collected from Find Out Now

While the polls show an equal divide, Mr Johnson confidently returned to Parliament and brushed aside the Supreme Court ruling.

Chris Ostrowski, Labour parliamentary candidate for Watford, previously spoke out in reaction to the news of the Supreme Court ruling.

He said: “Proroguing Parliament was unlawful. The prime minister does not care for the rule of law and will do anything to try and force through a disastrous No Deal Brexit against the wishes of both the people and their political representatives.

“Parliament should be recalled. Boris Johnson should resign. We need a general election to be rid of this scandalous Tory government and a referendum on any Brexit deal negotiated to allow the people to have a final say.”