A willow tree which is to be cut down as part of a major council-led renovation project, may still have a fighting chance.

Headstones Manor Parks willow tree will have no works carried out “in the very short term” after continued discussions between the Friends of Headstone Manor Park (FoHMP) and three council officers.

The hopeful announcement comes following previous confirmation by the council that the willow tree will be cut down despite activists attempts and online petitions to rescue the tree.

On September 23, Harrow Parks met with representatives of the Friends of Headstone Manor Park about the tree where documentations and recent communications with Harrow Council were reviewed.

Friends of Headstone Manor Park also showed Harrow Parks an alternative proposal which permits the deculverting of the brook but allows the weeping willow to be retained. Harrow Parks saw this as “a viable proposition" which they hope Harrow Council would reconsider.

The group also talked with Harrow Council.

Friends of Headstone Manor Park later confirmed: “Further to the recent meeting with three council officers, we understand that local councillors will now be briefed, and no works will be carried out in the very short term to the willow tree. Discussions between FoHMP and the council continues.”

The removal of the willow tree is part of the Headstone Manor Park renovation project which receives partial funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund at the cost of around £2 million.

A key part of the scheme involves re-routing Yeading Brook to form a new picnic area and a ‘beach’ for visitors to paddle in. The council have previously stated that it would be impossible to curve the brook around the tree, and once the ground has been levelled, it will be too dangerous to keep it standing.

While the willow tree is said to not be removed in the short term, Harrow Council is expected to be sharing further clarification about the status of the Willow Tree by next week.