A fireworks event which aims to bring together different cultures is returning this year.

The Diwali Fireworks Display at Byron Park is to return November 2 to celebrate the five-day Diwali festival and Guy Fawkes.

David Silber, event organiser, set up the event eight years ago for the borough because of a lack of community events for people and their families.

Mr Silber then decided to combine the two different culture events in order to create inclusion within the community instead of segregating both events.

Mr Silber said: “Diwali is a huge Indian culture in Harrow. But there is also English culture there too.

Harrow Times:

The event was set up eight years ago photo: Harrow Fireworks team

“I believe there is no reason to segregate the groups and since they are both around the same time I thought it was better to combine them and make sure nobody feels left out.”

Mr Silber found that from this event there was a positive reaction from the community and attracted people from many different cultures.

Around 20 per cent of visitors from the event are from Barnet, Brent and Ealing. The event recognises the diversity of cultures and the many demographics in Harrow.

Harrow Times:

The events hopes to bring together the different cultures in the London Borough photo: Harrow Fireworks team

Mr Silber added: “Diwali is special for people in Harrow because there is such a big demographic who celebrate it.

“The event can be quite stressful and hectic to organise. But when you see kids smiling and everyone is enjoying it and they are trying Indian food and giving positive feedback it puts a smile on my face to see everyone enjoying it.

“Combining the two cultures just makes sense. It helps gives a wider experience and understanding. Some may wonder why Indian people are celebrating Guy Fawkes.

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Photo of a previous event held by Harrow Fireworks. Photo: Harrow Fireworks team

“They may say they have nothing to do with the history – which is true – but the Indian demographic should also be included in the fireworks display.”

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture and is also known as the festival of lights.

It spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. During the week of Diwali, houses and shops are decorated with colourful lights and candles to celebrate.

The festival is celebrated by a variety of religions including Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and sometimes Buddhists.

Harrow Times:

Diwali fireworks event will be held in November. Photo: Harrow Fireworks team

Families during the festival also share Indian sweets and gifts as well as giving food, money and goods to those in needs.

The event will include a full-size fun fair, Bollywood performances, singers, Diwali art, henna and hand art, face painting, DJ and a 20-minute fireworks display to themed music.

The event has been sponsored by 1Stop Letting Solutions and “ to order tickets online go to harrowfireworks.co.uk

Mr Silber is currently looking for businesses to occupy stalls at the event, to get in contact email info@harrowfireworks.co.uk or fill in a form at https://harrowfireworks.co.uk/stand-and-selling