Plans to build a dinosaur-themed golf course near a “busy” sports centre have been given the green light, despite concerns from neighbours and ward councillors.

Harrow Council’s cabinet approved the proposals to lease its land at Bannister Sports Centre, in Uxbridge Road, for a new adventure mini golf course.

It will feature four dinosaur props – up to seven metres in height and complete with roaring sounds – and new parking facilities.

The scheme, which was narrowly approved by the council’s planning committee in October 2018, is seen as an opportunity to generate income for the council.

But several people who live close to the site criticised the proposals, as did Harrow Weald ward representative Cllr Stephen Greek who urged the council to listen to its residents.

They are concerned about the impact the course will have on traffic in the area and questioned the council’s readiness to build on green belt land.

“I’ve not come across a single person who is in favour of this,” Cllr Greek said.

“As you will have heard, there’s significant local concern about this proposal and there’s already a significant amount of activity that’s going to be taking place at Bannister with the upgrade to the facilities.

“This is a piece of green belt land and it’s not just about one piece of green belt land, it’s about whether we’re willing to defend all our green belt land.”

He added there is a similar facility nearby in Stanmore that people can take advantage of.

Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said the scheme’s benefits will outweigh any negative aspects and that he was “satisfied” with the council’s assessment of the plans.

He believes the level of proposed parking is adequate and pointed out the public was consulted on the original application.

And he welcomed the opportunity to provide a new sporting facility for Harrow’s residents while also raising funds for the council.

The details of the proposed lease were protected under the Local Government Act, an issue Brian Stoker, who objects to the golf course, raised with the council leader.

He explained that another council published a draft lease for “an almost identical development” and urged Harrow to show a similar commitment to openness.

Cllr Henson said there is no obligation to release this data but assured the public that officers take “due diligence” to ensure that the council’s best interests are maintained.