A sketch show packed full of laughs is going on tour this autumn following its smash hit UK spring tour.

Hormonal Housewives is coming to The Beck Theatre on Tuesday, October 8.

Hormonal Housewives is a witty, topical three hander comedy sketch show co-written by Scottish comedian and playwright Julie Coombe and her husband, playwright/director John MacIsaac. Hormonal Housewives performed at a mammoth 64 venues across the UK during April, May and June and smashed it out of the park, delighting packed houses everywhere. The mostly female audiences laughed at the cast, with the cast, at themselves and with everyone else as the show blasted its way through a catalogue of weight gain, weight loss, mood swings, housework, homework, electrolysis, men, sex, working out, internet dating, chocolate and gin.

We sat down with co-writer and performer Julie Coombe, who stars in the show alongside Suzanne Shaw and Josephine Partridge, to find out what audiences can expect from the show.

What inspired you and John to write ‘Hormonal Housewives’?

I was inspired more than a little by West End theatre producer Michael Harrison (Annie, Bodyguard, Fiddler on the Roof) who said ‘you have to write a show’ and when I said what about he said ‘anything as long as it’s funny’ and I said well my life’s funny and he said ‘well do that then’! Hormonal Housewives is about so many situations John (MacIsaac) and I have found ourselves in over the years such as our kids growing up and the different worlds they seem to inhabit on a daily basis where you practically have to learn a new language to communicate with them! I had done Vagina Monologues and I wanted to do something about people being thrown into situations that they might not be comfortable in, roles they play, and about women being each other’s therapists.

Tell us about your character.

My character is like me in that she’s happily married and incredibly comfortable in that relationship which allows her to poke fun at it as well. The character is a sort of heightened version of me.

Who’s your audience?

Primarily women; I want them to feel they’ve all come round to Josephine’s house for a night in with a bottle of wine and some good chat. I want people to be howling with recognition and seeing themselves up on the stage – we want people to be sitting in the audience saying ooh that’s me up there! I’d like to think men will come along to see the show as well – probably with female friends – and find out what it is we all talk about!

Do you have a favourite scene?

I’d defy anyone not to love the gym scene! It’s wild and abandoned and daft. Good old fashioned slapstick and me in a fabulous pink velour track suit.

What are the key issues addressed in the show?

Body issues is one: my character is always talking about losing half a stone while the other two talk about losing weight even though they don’t need to – and we all know someone like that!

Another issue is about women dressing for other women rather than men – men don’t seem to notice what you’re wearing.

And dating – Josephine’s character is looking for love – or rather the other two are trying to push her back onto the dating scene after her divorce. Whatever age you are it’s difficult looking for love; that basic human instinct never changes. We have fun onstage trying to work out how to use dating apps – it’s a minefield!

Tell us five things you couldn’t live without on the road.

1. My satnav. I’m a complete cliche; a woman with no sense of direction. 2. My portable hub for wifi so that my satnav doesn’t eat up my data. 3. Sweet and salty rye cakes - the culinary discovery of the spring tour. 4. Josephine Partridge. 5. Suzanne Shaw.

The Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes, Tuesday, October 8, 7.30pm. Details: 020 8561 8371 becktheatre.org.uk