London Overground is now running four trains an hour between Watford Junction and London Euston.

Transport for London (TfL) introduced a more frequent service this week, with four services running during peak hours rather than three.

The change was scheduled to take place in May but was delayed due to staff training and because some new trains had not been delivered.

Passengers will have the choice of getting on four trains at 15 minute intervals each hour between 7.30am and 10am and 3.30pm and 7pm - a three per hour train service will run at all other times until new electric trains are put into passenger use.

A full four train per hour timetable will be in operation later this year, TfL says.

The increased frequency of trains during peak hours will be available to passengers at every station between Euston and Watford.

Rory O’Neill, TfL’s general manager for London Overground, said: "We are pleased to be able to introduce additional trains on the Watford Junction to Euston route to help boost the service on the line during peak times.

"The phased introduction of these trains is an important step in delivering the improved four trains per hour service we have promised our customers."

Work continues to introduce new electric trains which are expected to be in use this month. The trains will include free wi-fi, USB charging points, and improved real-time information screens.