A person with Parkinson’s joined a rowing team, completing 150km of rowing through the River Thames.

Emma Green, 51, from Middlesex, joined eight other people to row for three days across the River Thames, after discovering she had Parkinson’s disease in May 2018.

Ms Green had no professional rowing experience just three months before the challenge, trained to row over eight hours in three days and complete 150km from Abbey Sailing Club, Abingdon, to Kingston Boat Club, Kingston.

During the celebrations at the finish, Ms Green said: “It’s true that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable at times. But then there is a magical spot which can’t be reached any other way. I cannot wait to find it again.”

Another team member who also had no experience prior to the challenge, Isabella Chen, said: “Emma was crying into my shoulders in happiness and it was good to see her achieve her goal, it was something to prove that people with Parkinson’s can go on, which is lovely.”

The challenge raised £2,000 for research in The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, helping people with the neurological condition that affects people’s body movements.