A mother is calling for action after finding what she believes was an unconscious drug user inside her communal bin room.

Amber Claire - 25, who lives in flats at Ford Close, Harrow – was clearing out her rubbish with her two children at around 3.15pm on Thursday (August 15) when she found a woman passed out in the bin area.

She says the incident has made her feel uneasy as she believes the woman had been taking heroin in the communal bin area.

Miss Claire called an ambulance service. Crews found the unconscious woman had a low oxygen reading and took her to hospital.

According to Miss Claire, who has lived at the flats for seven years, this is the second time she has seen a suspected drug user in the communal bin room

She has contacted Harrow Council in hopes that a locking mechanism or deterrent can be installed to prevent non-residents from accessing the bin area.

The concerned mother said: “It’s a frequent problem. Last year, my son saw a woman standing with a needle hanging out of her groin.

“I feel uneasy, you never know what you’re going to open the door to. You can’t stop people from doing stuff, but you can try to make the area a bit safer.”

Miss Claire posted a video showing the unconscious woman on Facebook group #Fixit Harrow Network.

A spokesperson from Harrow Council said: “We are aware of the issues at this estate relating drug users who are not from the area. No one should ever feel unsafe where they live.

“We’re considering a number of options to help improve security and safety for the estate which includes using an outreach drug service and the assistance from the police.”

“In the meantime, we will be putting a lock on the bin area to stop unauthorised access and use. Tenants of the block are reminded to be mindful of who they allow in and ensure doors are closed securely when they enter or exit.”