Allotment users have considered “freeing” a group of chickens recently introduced at their site amid concerns for their welfare.

Plot holders at the allotments in Wood End Avenue, near Roxeth Recreation Ground, Harrow, say the birds are “confined to their cages 24/7” and there have been few visits to tend to them.

The site is managed by Harrow Council, but a spokeswoman explained that these plots were won by Seva Care, which supports adults with learning difficulties.

One user said several plot holders have contacted the council and the RSPCA but are yet to receive a response or see any action taken.

He added the more “radical” plot holders have considered “breaking open” the coops to free the chickens.

“We were told [the plots] were for special needs groups, who were going to visit and attend to the birds,” he said.

“This was some weeks ago, and, as far as I know, there have been no visits and the poor birds are confined to their cages 24/7.

“All the plot holders I’ve spoken to are concerned about this, we feel it’s very cruel, especially as the weather’s been so hot.”

The council spokeswoman said it was aware of the situation and will carry out a health inspection at the site.

She added that the council will write to Seva Care if it feels it is “not adhering to guidance” on allotment policies.

Seva Care has been contacted for comment.