A Sunday farmers’ market could open on an additional evening – offering a ‘beer garden atmosphere’ to try to compete with nearby supermarkets.

Queens Park Farmers’ Market, in Salusbury Road, was granted permission by Brent Council’s licensing committee to open between 6pm and 10pm on Fridays.

Mark Handley, director of London Farmers Markets, explained that it wants to offer an alternative to the traditional things sold on Sundays.

He said it would be based around “having a few drinks and nibbles” with friends and family in a style often seen in other parts of Europe.

“We aren’t running a pub, we aren’t running a nightclub – that’s not what we’re about,” he said.

“This is copying models in places such as France and Germany where people can stop by the market and have a drink after work.

“It is a substantially smaller event than on Sundays, we’re happy to put restrictions on the number of people on-site and it will make Queens Park a more vibrant destination on Fridays.”

He added the proposals were motivated by a need to compete with supermarkets in the area such as Co-op, Marks and Spencer and Planet Organic.

“We need to respond to competition in the area and we’ve been looking at ways to address this. We can’t just sit back and stand by – we need to stay relevant,” he said.

There was some opposition from neighbouring properties who felt that the extra evening would negatively impact the surrounding area.

They were concerned about increased noise – particularly given the focus on alcohol – as well as additional litter and the possibility of attracting street beggars.

The market’s plans for it to be family-friendly were described as “disingenuous” since it had previously been advertised as a “lively beer garden”.

They added that it would contribute to social problems in the area and would encourage “loitering” throughout the evening.

But the council’s licensing committee agreed that the application was “appropriate”, provided conditions were met.

These include carrying out ‘litter patrols’, ensuring that open food containers are not taken off-site, a noise prevention plan is put in place and a phone number is published so management can be contacted while the market is in operation.

The market has also applied for planning permission and plans to open on Fridays next year.