Plans to turn a nursing home into a nursery could still go ahead despite the initial application being withdrawn.

Quivira Capital said it intends to submit a new application for the site in Oakleigh Road, Hatch End, once it has consulted with neighbouring properties.

It withdrew its initial application for prior approval from Harrow Council after neighbours voiced their objections to the plans.

But Rajiv Nathwani, director at Quivira, still believes the former care home is an ideal site to establish a new nursery.

“We made a very technical application and, when I look at it from the neighbours’ perspective, I completely understand where they were coming from,” he said.

“We don’t want this to be something that neighbours are irritated with – we think it’s a great site for kids to learn in.”

He explained that the company “did the right thing” and withdrew the application before waiting for a decision from the council.

He said gives them a chance to work with nearby residents and to make sure that the process going forward is “relevant to everyone”.

“We want to run a nursery out of there where these kids will grow up and become part of that community,” he added.

“We want to consult with people – we know we can’t please everyone, but we’ll do our best.”