Campaigners are urging their community to vote against regeneration proposals in their area until the council puts forward “a better deal”.

Pete Firmin, a housing activist for council tenants, has called on South Kilburn residents to vote ‘no’ in a ballot on further regeneration on their estate.

Brent Council intends to demolish the 17 remaining blocks in South Kilburn, and it wants residents’ opinions on whether this should go ahead.

Residents will be asked to answer yes or no to ‘are you in favour of the proposal to continue with the regeneration of South Kilburn?’

Mr Firmin explained there are several “outstanding issues” that need to be addressed before the council presses on with its plans.

He said: “A lot of people are concerned about this. Some feel as if it would be better to simply refurbish the blocks whereas others feel theirs should have come down a long time ago.

“People will be moved on from council housing to housing associations where there are concerns about service and increased rents.

“The council should call it to a halt until all the issues are addressed and it can come back with a better deal.

“Officers are presenting it as offering up brand-new flats without highlighting any of the downsides.”

He has produced a leaflet outlining his chief concerns and has called on people to reject the proposals until the area’s housing problems are addressed.

Just over 1,000 people will be eligible to vote – those who currently live on the estate and a small number of people who have been moved off it but have a right to return.

As part of the regeneration programme, council tenants and those in temporary accommodation will be offered a new house on the estate or another council home if preferred.

The council explained they will receive just under £7,000 as a disturbance payment as well as removal expenses.

Leaseholders will be given the choice of selling their home back to the council and leaving the estate, or buying a new home on the estate, usually on a shared ownership scheme.

The decision to ballot residents was roundly supported by the council’s cabinet last month.

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, responsible for housing and welfare reform at the council, said that the current administration has “always been committed” to this process.

“We have always encouraged people to love where they live and what better way of doing this than giving them a meaningful vote on their future,” she said.