Canons Park hosted a ‘fun day’ for families and friends to listen to live bands, partake in dog shows and other wonderful activities.

Canons Park 16th annual ‘fun day’ on August 4 from 11am to 6pm was a massive success as nearly 1000 families and friends gathered around the park to enjoy the funfair, various stalls, garden club volunteering opportunities and more.

The event was hosted by the Friends of Canons Park, a voluntary group formed in 2003 which formed to restore Canons Park by repairing park buildings, maintaining greenery and working with the council to install necessary facilities.

Nearly £600 was raised from the 'fun day', which will go towards providing equipment for the volunteer gardening group, staging free events in the park and purchasing new flowers, shrubs and bulbs for the beautiful walled George V memorial garden.

Stardust Big Band and Grimsdyke Brass Band both took over the musical elements of the day, assuring the festivities were surrounded with a fun and energising atmosphere as they partook in the fun activities.

As part of the dog show, families and their furry friends could get involved in the fun. Categories for the competition were even as obscure as 'dog who most looks like its owner!'

With many free activities at the site free, young people were able to experience the stalls, pond wildlife, herb walks and more.

The next big Canons Park event is the Open House Day, from September 21 to 22 from 10am-5pm, where guests can learn the history behind Canons Park and take part in an academic tour.