A women’s centre is facing closure after failing to secure financial support to continue its services.

Harrow Women’s Centre, in Andrews Close, is set to close its doors on Friday (August 9).

Catering for around 1,400 people each year, the centre has offered several support services to women in the borough since 1992.

A spokeswoman said service users were “devastated” with the news, after those running the centre announced there were no plans to carry on in the immediate future.

Some service users launched a petition to Harrow Council urging it to support it financially to enable it to continue.

“The centre has been beneficial to woman who are victims of domestic violence and abuse, rape, homelessness, loneliness and isolation,” the petition stated.

“Women need a safe haven to better their lives and Harrow Women’s Centre has been that for these women who are displaced and distressed.”

Harrow Council said it was “sympathetic” to the situation at the centre but explained that money is also tight at local government level.

It added that there are a number of other avenues it is exploring to offer support to charitable organisations in the borough.

A spokesman for Harrow Council said: “While we are of course sympathetic to their cause, our hands are tied because government funding cuts have meant that we no longer offer grants to the voluntary sector and we are sadly unable to give the amount of money we would like to these groups which do such great work for our communities.

“However, the council is committed to offering support through Harrow Community Action, a group which helps explore all avenues available to bring in external funding.”

He added that “the door is always open” to representatives from the women’s centre and the council hopes to work with them to find a positive solution to this “difficult position”.

Visit www.change.org/p/harrow-council-petition-to-stop-the-closing-down-of-harrow-women-s-centre to view the petition.