Harrow Council is looking into the possibility of obtaining a borough-wide injunction that could ban travellers from setting up camp on public land.

It comes following a spate of incidents where groups of travellers have moved into parks and other public spaces across the borough.

A group was moved on from Stanmore Marsh yesterday (July 31) and there were previous sightings at the same location earlier that month.

Traveller sites were also spotted in Canons Park, Whitchurch Playing Fields and Newton Farm Park during July.

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council said it was looking at ways to “improve security and access” at its sites.

She added it is exploring further legal options, including the possibility of a borough-wide injunction against traveller sites.

Harrow Conservatives has previously urged the council to implement stronger measures against travellers setting up camp on public land.

But Cllr Graham Henson, leader of the council, explained it can only work with the powers available.

“We do take swift action, working with the police,” he said. “We can’t just go round with a tow truck and pull them away.”

After carrying out a needs assessment – ensuring that eviction is “reasonable” – the council will usually give travellers 24 hours to leave the site.

If this is ignored, it can only take further action once a court order has been granted – something which can take several days to come through.

In some instances, the police can use section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act to remove trespassers if they have caused significant damage or are acting in an abusive manner.