The deputy leader of Harrow Council survived a vote of no confidence following criticism about his role in the borough’s regeneration plans.

Harrow Conservatives said they were surprised Cllr Keith Ferry had not been sacked or resigned from his position as lead member for regeneration and planning.

They brought the motion to a full council meeting last week, slamming the administration’s approach to building in Harrow – something they believe is being shaped by Cllr Ferry.

“We have tried to engage on the regeneration programme,” Cllr Paul Osborn, leader of Harrow Conservatives said at the meeting.

“He would not listen to our arguments or look at the evidence provided. No matter what we said, or what was presented to him, he would not listen.

Cllr Osborn added there were “terrible indictments” of the borough’s regeneration plans from external consultants.

He accused Cllr Ferry – who was absent from the meeting – of being obstinate; “shrugging his shoulders” and claiming to “know better”

“Scheme after scheme after scheme is going to cost the council millions and millions of pounds,” he said.

“How can you back someone who would lose millions for the borough? If you have confidence in him, you are condemning Harrow to becoming a concrete jungle.”

He explained the motion was not a personal attack on Cllr Ferry but that his group – as the opposition – had a responsibility to hold his actions to account.

Cllr Stephen Greek, the shadow portfolio holder for regeneration and planning at Harrow Council, urged his colleagues to stand up to these perceived failings.

He said: “If we do not learn from this, we are doomed to repeat it. This is the moment to act. If you turn a blind eye, you will share responsibility.”

But Labour councillors backed their deputy leader and defended the administration’s regeneration policies.

Cllr Adam Swersky said the council was “lucky to have someone of Cllr Ferry’s wisdom and experience leading the programme”.

Cllr David Perry explained that regeneration is “an intricate process” and that the council has proven that it is willing to tweak its approach where necessary.

A spokesperson for the Harrow Labour Group condemned the vote and insisted its regeneration policy is working.

He said: “The Labour Group strongly rejects the claims made in the Conservative motion.

“In fact, it shows just how out of ideas the Conservative Party is both locally and nationally, that their only contribution the council meeting was to make an ad hominem attack on Cllr Ferry.

“We will continue to build a better Harrow and leave personal vendettas to the opposition.”