Brent Council is considering a “graphic and hard-hitting” media campaign as part of its efforts to tackle knife crime in the borough.

An interim report on the council’s knife crime strategy recommended funding be dedicated to a media project outlining the dangers of carrying knives.

It suggested ex-offenders could be used as part of the campaign, who could use their experience to deter others from getting involved with knife crime.

There could also be wider involvement from those who have been affected by knife crime, such as victims’ friends and families, to highlight its devastating impact.

“We welcome and will consider any well-evidenced recommendation that seeks to tackle the urgent problem of knife crime, including communications campaigns,” said Cllr Tom Miller, responsible for community safety at Brent Council.

“We’re committed to further campaign work focused on stopping bloodshed on our streets.”

He cited last year’s ‘Brent Needs You Alive’ campaign as an example, which included a “hard-hitting” video involving the families of local knife crime victims and was viewed more than 40,000 times on Facebook.

A similar campaign was carried out across London on behalf of the city’s mayor, which highlighted the young talents that could be lost if they were victims of knife crime.

Brent Council has made an effort to reduce knife crime in the area, particularly that which is gang-related or involving young people.

A ‘Safer Brent Partnership’ report for 2018/19 showed there has only been one knife-related murder in the borough over the past 12 months, while there has been an overall reduction of 13 per cent in knife-related offences.

But Cllr Miller acknowledged there is still more to do, and said he looked forward to seeing the recommendations of the full knife crime strategy.