A junior school could be shutting down some of its year groups as part of the council’s new school places strategy.

Brent Council has launched a consultation into the possible phased closure of Roe Green Strathcona School in Wembley.

The school could see its age range reduced from 4-11 to 4-7, while the number of places would drop by 30 to 120.

These suggestions were criticised by representatives of the schools, who said they would have a negative impact on pupils, parents and staff.

Gloria Amadi, chairman of governors, said: “Results at the school have been consistently good – this is due to stability and the work of the staff.

“The effect on wellbeing can already be felt. Parents are very unhappy and the way in which pupils are taught would have to change.”

Lesley Coulbourne, of the National Education Union, urged the council to protect teachers and said there was a threat of strike action if they were not supported.

She said: “The Strathcona staff put the children of Brent first when they were asked to. Now it’s time for Brent Council to repay that debt and put the staff of Strathcona first.”

Teachers at the schools suggested it was a case of “poor planning and strategy” on behalf of the council in terms of managing school places.

Executive head teacher Nicole Lobo pointed out they have done “everything the borough asked” and expanded at a time when places were stretched.

She said it was unfair to “scapegoat” her schools and questioned why planning permission had been granted for a new academy, Ark Somerville in Wembley, that will cater for more than 600 pupils.

Deputy head teacher Liz McLaren pointed out almost everyone who responded to the informal consultation – 99.4 per cent – were against the proposals.

The council noted demand for school places has changed significantly over the past few years.

Gail Tolley, director of children and young people at Brent Council, explained the need for Strathcona was there in 2016 but surplus places are now up to 15 per cent.

She said several factors, including migration due to Brexit and lower birth rates, have contributed to this.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, said he was grateful for what Roe Green had done but “frank discussions” were needed on this issue.

He said: “Education and schooling is something we all hold dear in our hearts. We need to have a full discussion to ensure that we take the right steps going forward.”