There's nothing worse than walking, cycling, or driving all the way to your local supermarket to find it's not open because it's a bank holiday weekend. 

Opening times over the bank holiday could be revised, so don't get caught out.

To save yourself an unpleasant and pointless trip, you could schedule your food shop ahead of time or check online before heading to the shops. 

Here are the opening times for some of the main supermarkets in the area:


Saturday, May 25: 8am - 10pm

Sunday, May 26:  10am - 4pm

Monday, May 27: 8am - 8pm 


Normal Saturday and Sunday opening hours

Monday, May 27: 8am - 8pm

Harrow Times:


Saturday, May 25: 7am-10pm

Sunday, May 26: 10am-4pm

Monday, May 27: 8am-11pm


Saturday, May 25: 6am-11pm

Sunday, May 26: 11am-5pm

Monday, May 27: 9am-8pm

(Tesco Express and Tesco Metro stores will open as normal each day from 7am to 11pm)

Harrow Times:


Saturday, May 25: 7am-10pm

Sunday, May 26: 10am-4pm

Monday, May 27: 9am-7pm

Tuesday, May 28: 7am-11pm