An Irish pub has been given permission to reopen, provided the previous manager stays away.

The Field, in Neasden Lane, was granted a new licence by Brent Council as it attempts to rebuild its reputation.

Previously operating under the name Sal’s Bar, the premises had its licence revoked following concerns from the council and the police over ‘crime and disorder’.

A condition under the new licence states that the former manager of Sal’s, Tim Sheahan, cannot be at the pub or have any involvement in running it.

“It has had its problems in the past, which is why there is an extensive list of conditions,” said Robert Sutherland, representing applicant Mark Counihan.

“But we would agree to these and the revised terms set out in the application.”

It means that Mr Counihan will take over the pub, working in partnership with John Teahan who is the leaseholder of The Midland Hotel in nearby Hendon.

Mr Counihan explained that Mr Teahan will offer “considerable experience” and will be willing to “loan” staff from The Midland once The Field opens to help get it up and running.

He added that he wants to run a “fresh” establishment, which also remains true to its traditional roots by showing Irish sports and promoting Irish music.

“The bar area is now fresh and clear, and I hope to keep it that way,” he said.

“Of course, everyone is welcome as long as they act in accordance with the law and want to do nothing more than have a good time – that’s what it’s all about.”

Brent Council noted the premises’ “poor history” but pointed out that this was largely “due to the management of Mr Sheahan”.

It agreed to grant a new licence on the conditions that the new team would effectively manage the bar’s capacity and “take a proactive approach” to safety and security.

The new pub plans to open “as soon as possible”, once a designated premises supervisor has been appointed.