Opposition is building against a proposed temporary crossover that would allow vehicles to pass through to serve a new housing development.

Residents have voiced their concerns about the application, which would affect Sidney Road and the surrounding streets in Harrow View West.

Put forward by housebuilder Persimmon Homes, it would allow cars and other vehicles to access 12 new homes at the Harrow View West site.

But neighbours are worried that approving the proposal would result in “increased traffic, pollution and noise” in the area.

In a letter to the council, Annette Kelly, of Sidney Road, added that the use of the crossover by work vehicles would affect the “safety and well-being of residents and their children” in Sidney Road, Downing Close and Edward Road.

She has called for the application to be “cancelled immediately”, pointing out that in the 24 years she has lived there, the entrance to Harrow View West has never been used for vehicular access.

And she and her neighbours believe that permitting the crossover would set a “terrible precedent” as there are several more developments in the area.

Harrow Council said it welcomes any opinions of those who could be affected by planning applications in the borough.

“The views of neighbours, local people and the public are vitally important to the planning process,” a spokesman for the council said.

“We are always happy to receive them, and we always pay attention to them when we assess planning applications.”

It also addressed neighbours’ concerns surrounding the level of consultation, pointing out that letters were sent to residents on relevant roads while six site notices – which, it explained, “offer greater reach than letters, generally” – were put up.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes said it was in discussion with the council over temporary access to the site.

“We do agree with the council that local residents should be consulted as part of this process,” he added.