Beautiful illustrations of tube stations have brought to life easy to overlook buildings.

A new project by financial advice website Pound Place highlights the 82 most visually appealing stations on the Underground network.

Each has been rendered in pen drawing, allowing the architectural shape to stand out as the surrounding landscape is pushed into the background.

Loughton (above)

From the outside, Loughton’s vertical reach, post-art deco arched windows, and geometric design give it the look of a cinema; from inside, the barrel-vault roof combines with those same arched windows to give it the feel of a church.


Harrow Times:

A somewhat forbidding and industrial presence on Eastern Avenue, Redbridge was to have been softened by a permanently-lit glass tower – but the project was downscaled due to post-war shortages.


Harrow Times:

Charles W. Clark designed 25 stations in all – his urban ideas were more classical, while features such as Watford’s hipped dormers and chimneys lent a more homely feel to suburban destinations.

Harrow and Wealdstone

Harrow Times:

Technically the first station on the network, Harrow & Wealdstone was first built in 1837, although it was completely rebuilt in 1912.

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