The world's most famous and probably controversial animal rights charity is looking for someone to annoy celebrities.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is looking to hire a celebrity liaison.

The glamorous job will see the lucky applicant rub shoulders with some of the world's most famous animal rights activists, helping to organise photo shoots, audio and video projects, and write scripts.

While it also involves writing letters of thanks and birthday cards to those famous people in PETA's good books, the celebrity liaison will also be required to send reproachful post to those chowing down on ill-favoured animal products.

The advert reads: "(You will) write letters to celebrities who support industries or engage in acts that harm animals e.g. wearing fur, buying an animal from a pet shop, attending a wild-animal circus, or eating foie gras with information about the impact of their actions on animals."

"Monitor the social media accounts of celebrities, and work with colleagues to engage influencers in animal rights campaigns using social media.

"Regularly review a variety of publications to determine celebrities’ sympathies, and share findings with relevant colleagues."

If you have the relevant experience and like the idea of annoying celebrities, then click here to apply.

Applicants must adhere to a vegan lifestyle.