Harrow's own former X Factor contestant Honey G has allegedly been sacked from her job as an estate agent after just 40 days when her boss reportedly told her to "give up her music career".

The rapper - real name Anna Gilford - started working as a sales negotiator at upmarket Chancellors Estate Agents in St John's Wood, London last month.

At the time, sources said her colleagues were shocked - and joked the 37-year-old should perform at the office Christmas party.

But she was reportedly sacked earlier this week when bosses allegedly told her to give up her hip hop ambitions and focus full-time on the property job.

Speaking to the Sun, Honey G said she was "shocked" that she had "lost my new job as an estate agent".

She added: "My boss had told me that he was expecting me to give up my music career which I am obviously not prepared to do.

"Music is my love and passion, and my ambitions are about being a worldwide music artist.

"I had no intention of being an estate agent long term. I was hoping that a big opportunity for my music career would come in. I do believe I belong on stage"

It is understood she took part in training courses for the role in October before starting the job in mid-November.

When she joined the estate agent a source said staff didn't recognise her without her trademark hat and glasses.

Speaking at the time, the source added: "But someone realised, and pointed it out to other staff, and it clicked for them straight away.

"She looks very different in a suit and acts professionally.

"No one there wants to call her Honey G in case they get into trouble and people have been joking that she should play at the Christmas party.

"Everyone wants her to perform I think but no one has said anything to her, for obvious reasons."

According to her Twitter, she has a gig on December 16 at Race Day 2018 where she is offering fans a meet and greet experience.

Honey G's agent and the estate agent have been approached for comment.