A man who ignored planning permission for several extensions to his home saw an application to allow them emphatically denied.

Harrow Council’s planning committee unanimously refused retrospective permission to the alterations at the property in Rowlands Avenue, Pinner.

It pointed out that the building work exceeded what was agreed in several places and suggested that it would be unfair to turn a blind eye to this.

Cllr John Hinkley, who represents Hatch End ward, where the property is situated, said: “I think this is an absolute travesty.

“I’m sure the [owner] is a very nice man who’s lived there for a long time, but he’s built and built and built and we’ve ended up with a construction that is far bigger than was expected.

“He and his architects have traded on the concept that enforcement is not as good as it should be in Harrow. But it should be made to go back to what was agreed.”

Neighbours opposed to the actual scheme said the decision was important to “maintain public confidence” in the local authority.

They said this case showed a “flagrant disregard for the approved plans” and it was vital not to allow people to exploit any potential loopholes.

Members of the planning committee took particular issue with the increased size of the garage at the property.

Cllr Sachin Shah said it made the “whole building look lop-sided” and Cllr Simon Brown argued that it was “simply too big”.

Cllr Stephen Greek agreed that seeing the garage during a site visit was “particularly striking” and he questioned why three small windows had been put in place.

“What was approved at the time was at the limit and it has now been exceeded,” he said.

“When you look at the garage you can see how completely disproportionate it is – why are there windows? Why is it so tall?”

The committee all agreed that it would be unfair to retrospectively approve the plans, given the amount they had exceeded the original agreements.

The owner of the home, described only as Mr Lakhani, declined to speak at the meeting.