Developers will be given a chance to review plans for a scheme that will provide almost 50 new flats, after the plans were deferred due to a lack of affordable homes.

The planning committee comfortably voted against the proposal – citing the total lack of affordable housing as its reasoning – but agreed to a deferral at the request of planning manager David Glover.

Put forward by Gulvanessian Architects, the scheme at Trinity House, in Heather Park Drive, Wembley, sought to create 47 flats in a new four-storey building.

But councillors took issue with the fact that none of the homes would be affordable.

“It doesn’t seem right or feasible that there can be no affordable housing,” said Cllr Saqib Butt.

Any push for affordability was hampered by the introduction of underground parking, which affects the “viability” of an affordable housing scheme.

Councillors questioned whether this extra parking – which would provide 37 spaces – was so important when compared with affordable homes.

“I’m struggling a bit – if there is already on-street parking, was there any need for the underground parking?” Cllr Butt added.

Officers explained that some parking would be necessary to cope with the new tenants, while the on-street parking would “deal with any overspill”.

But it was not enough to convince the committee – all of whom voted against the plans bar Cllr Orleen Hylton, who abstained – to push the scheme through.

Mr Glover quickly asked for a deferral, which will give officers the chance to review the report and bring it back to planning at a later date.