Hello again my fellow groovers. I hope you are still hip to the beat and work out each morning by dancing the mashed potato or the twist to keep those limbs in good order. I am in a nostalgic mood having just attended a great 1960s music concert at the St Albans Arena with the original artists.

I was a teenager in the swinging 1960s, although I do not recall Borehamwood being that swinging at the time. However, the Maxwell Community Centre did host a number of famous bands on their way up such as The Animals and future stars like Elton John. I remember getting the autographs of The Beatles at the ATV Studios in 1963 when they appeared on The Morecambe and Wise Show and the Barron Knights when they opened the local record shop. Alas, all long since lost. Ironically I was to meet Paul McCartney again 20 years later at Elstree Studios but I think I have told that story before. My problem these days is remembering what I have written but also being aware of many new readers in the several papers in which this column appears not to mention online. I also have a story about my encounter with Robbie Williams and Take That at the BBC Elstree Centre but in case I am repeating myself, I will leave those to next year when hopefully nobody will remember.

The concert at St Albans was great and those of us still able to get up and dance on the spot did so because the 1960s was the best decade ever for music . A couple of seats away from me were a couple in their 30s who spent part of their time looking at their mobile phones! If anything angers me that does. This addiction really worries me and I am told some people look at their damn phones 200 times a day. I look at my mine only if it rings or I get a text. How did we survive in the 1960s without technology such as today and were we the deprived generation?

What saddened me about the concert was that this was the retirement tour for the legendary Searchers and the one off PJ Proby. It is for a good reason as they are now in their late 70s and touring around doing one night stands is anything but glamorous unless you like hotel rooms or hours driving. Once at the venue you spend hours waiting around for perhaps 30 minutes to an hour performing.

They were supported by such acts as The Mersey Beats and The Fortunes. Not many young people in the audience so I guess these original artists' concerts will fade away in the next few years - but what memories!

I have been in the audience for such shows since the mid 1970s watching the likes of Billy Fury, The Monkees and Herman's Hermits to mention just three.

If I may name drop I recall Sir Cliff Richard once telling me in the 1960s you had to sell 60,000 records a day to get a number one in the hit parade.

Over the years I have met a number of music stars at Elstree Studios. After we reopened the studio in 1996 I remember spending several weekends sorting out thousands of abandoned cans of film to return them to the copyright owners. We could have skipped them all and blamed Brent Walker but that is not my way. I recall one warm day they opened the doors of the stage opposite and I was serenaded by Shirley Bassey and a full orchestra rehearsing for a concert.

On another occasion Tom Jones arrived and asked me to show him the way to the nearest toilet. On yet another occasion a group of young men approached me and asked where they should go. I assumed they were part of the work force dealing with repairing our underground car park and directed them accordingly. Alas I was later told they were a band called East 17 there for rehearsals.

Well I can't linger any long longer, so until next time pop pickers keep on dancing.