Not having a vote on the final terms of Brexit would be like “denying democracy”, say campaigners.

On Saturday Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called for a Peoples’ Vote on Brexit – the right for UK citizens to have a final vote on any Brexit deal obtained by the Government.

Kasia Greenwood, who has worked in London for the last eight years, supported Mr Khan’s calls.

She said: “If people are calling for a People’s Vote how can we deny democracy, it is actually calling for more democracy.

“The Brexit that is being offered if not what anyone voted for.

“How can the Government claim they are following the will of people if they don’t know what that is?”

Ms Greenwood says a lot of Europeans who she used to work with have now returned to mainland Europe since the vote to leave – causing a loss “diversity” in her workplace.

She said it was “encouraging” that prominent people like Sadiq Khan are calling for a People’s Vote.

Ms Greenwood, a mother of two young children, said being part of the EU allowed her to travel freely and study in Europe but is worried the impact leaving it could have on her children.

She added: “I am so frustrated and angry, I feel devastated for my children.

“How can we be doing this to future generations?”

Research commissioned by Mr Khan earlier this year suggests that leaving the EU with no-deal could result in 87,000 fewer jobs in London by 2030 and a loss of £50 billion of investment across the whole of the UK.

This is something Paolo Montemurro, who lives in Italy but travels frequently to the UK and London for work, is particularly concerned about.

Mr Montemurro works for Mantera Hub, a company funded by the EU that helps start-up businesses and young entrepreneurs getting into business.

He said that his company has developed a lot of important partnerships with the UK and being part of the EU allows for free movement of people, jobs and trade.

The company has a number of joint projects between the EU and businesses and universities in the UK.

He said: “If there’s a no-deal Brexit then there is a high risk that all this knowledge about businesses that comes through the European Commission to the UK will not continue over the next few years.”

“Companies in the UK depend on this type of work.

“If there is a no-deal scenario then there will be a loss of cooperation between countries and that put lots of our projects in danger.

“That will result in a loss of opportunities.”

Mr Montemurro has welcomed calls by the mayor.

He added: “During the Brexit referendum that happened last time no-one was aware of the consequences of Brexit.

“It would have been better if the referendum had happened with a clear idea of the cost to the country.

“We hope that whatever is the outcome the relations between the UK and the EU will remain as strong as it is now.”