A headteacher says she has inherited an "incredible school" as she starts her new role.

Zara Hubble welcomed pupils back to Northwood College after the summer break.

She took the role from former headteacher, Miss Pain.

She said: " I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a formidable team of phenomenal students and hugely dedicated staff, who collectively make Northwood College a hub of energy, ambition and excellence.

"I am proud that my role is to identify the strengths of each individual and empower them to achieve their aspirations.

"I am privileged to have inherited an incredible school."

Ms Hubble qualified as a teacher 22 years ago and embarked on her career as a junior school teacher before going on to become science coordinator.

She ten became Head of Year 7, head of transition and head of the junior School.

For the past three years she has been a proactive member of Northwood College’s Leadership Team and has been instrumental in making decisions about the school’s vision, growth and development.

Ms Hubble added: “We will always put the girls first and work to ensure that we help them to become the best they can be."

She also takes the area of well-being and mental health seriously.

“Life is not easy," she added. "So we need to ensure emotional resilience and positive mental health and that our young women will be fully equipped with the tools and techniques to ensure that they are ready to face future challenges with confidence and self-assurance.”