Brent Council continued its commitment to building on “under-utilised” land as it granted permission for four new homes to be built on an estate.

The application, in Donnington Road on the Frontenac Estate, Willesden, was met with significant opposition from those living nearby and a petition signed by more than 60 people was handed over.

A spokesman for the Frontenac Residents’ Group, explained that it was particularly concerned with the amount of access for emergency vehicles.

While planning officers assured the committee that it was sufficient, he argued that this was questionable “in real life” and “in practical terms”.

He added that areas should be improved – such as the ‘drying area’ on the estate – rather than ushering in new buildings.

“We understand the need for extra housing in Brent, but we object to the siting of this new block,” he said.

But the developers explained that this was an ideal opportunity to build new homes in an area that is currently in short supply.

Kerry Radford, speaking on behalf of the applicant, noted that all four homes – three three-bed and one two-bed – will be affordable.

She added that it complies with the council’s policy of providing more housing, it was supported by the council’s transportation team and landscaping improvements have been proposed to “benefit the whole area”.

A spokesperson for Brent Council said: “The new development of four family sized homes at Frontenac, a Brent Council managed estate, is part of a programme to build up to 1,000 new homes on council owned land in the borough.

“This ambitious programme is supporting the Mayor of London’s plans to build more council housing across London.

“We have been working closely with local residents and taking on board their concerns and suggestions, to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved and improving the estate.

“We will link this programme with our estate improvement programme, so that existing tenants and leaseholders get their blocks modernised whilst the new homes are being built.

“We do not want to see anyone left behind. The council is committed to building new affordable homes, which will provide much needed accommodation for households within the borough and help to reduce the impact of the housing crisis.”