The Tortilla restaurant that recently opened in St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow announces itself long before you reach it. Throughout the centre’s many high-ceiling corridors, company signage is regular and strategically placed, navigating customers toward a seemingly unavoidable and predetermined destination.

The restaurant itself holds centre court – quite literally, nestled in the ground floor of the centre’s main atrium flanked on all sides by Tortilla-tattooed escalators and tiers of shops which all seem gathered around the open-plan burrito bar, installed earlier this year.

The Harrow-based branch is clean, minimal and evenly spread creating and open and relaxed atmosphere which seems to defy the otherwise constant bustle and drifting crowds one comes to expect from a popular shopping centre.

At the back and centre of Tortilla is the serving counter replete with an abundance of fillings and condiments to suit every taste, served by smiling and attentive staff in neat black uniforms.

There are many varieties of meal available from burrito wraps, to a naked burrito which comes in a bowl, to three tacos, salads, quesadillas, nachos and chips & salsa.

A large burrito wrap with coriander rice, soft beans, tender chicken, guacamole, shredded cheese, salad and sour cream is a must for anyone trying Tortilla for the first time. The produce tastes fresh and each flavour compliments the other in a well-balanced harmony all contained in a warm and soft tortilla wrap. If you don’t want to stop there, grab a batch of nachos and some dipping sauce which snap and fizz in your mouth, and wash it down with a nice cool beer, coke or fresh juice.

On this visit, the assistant manager at Tortilla St George, Anita, was refreshingly enthusiastic and welcoming with excellent customer service skills and a clear pride in her role in the company.

“I love it here”, she said, “I had such a good experience as a customer before I joined that I couldn’t wait to work for Tortilla.”

Anita made a point of explaining how to be first-time customer at Tortilla, describing the ingredients with knowledge and care while making recommendations about exciting flavour combinations. She never failed in her commitment to provide a great experience while fulfilling her role as assistant manager, directing the other members of staff politely and keeping customers happy. Her staff were bright and friendly and clearly enjoy working there.

If you visit St George’s Shopping Centre and want a decent meal at a reasonable price, Tortilla is your place.