A Conservative MP has vehemently denied accusations that he is “divisive”, as he responded to a bullish statement from one of his political rivals.

Bob Blackman, who represents Harrow East, said he is opposed to any suggestions that he is Islamophobic and insisted that he has all his constituents’ best interests at heart.

It comes after Barry Kendler, chairman of Harrow East Constituency Labour Party (CLP), outlined his group’s plans to oust Mr Blackman in a future election.

He argued that “all communities are suffering at the hands of Blackman’s Government” and that he “needs to be given his P45”.

He also suggested that Mr Blackman “supports” Tapan Ghosh, a Hindu nationalist who has aired anti-Muslim views on several occasions.

The MP hosted Mr Ghosh in Parliament last year as part of an event organised by the National Council of Hindu Temples UK.

But he denied claims he “invited” or “supports” the controversial figure and noted that he is often asked to host events run by Hindu communities but had no input into the choice of speakers in this instance.

“I refute all the chairman of Harrow East Labour Party’s allegations of Islamophobia and I will continue working for all communities in my constituency,” he added.

Mr Blackman also said he was concerned about the CLP’s decision to support Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) – a group that has been criticised for its attitude towards alleged anti-Semitism in politics.

“The news that the Harrow East Labour Party has opted to affiliate to JVL has shocked many of my Jewish constituents who are understandably alarmed that this fringe group has failed to address anti-Semitism in the Labour Party,” he said.

In its statement of principles, JVL says it wants to “strengthen [Labour] in its opposition to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism, broadening the party’s appeal to all sections of British society”.