Hundreds of potential stem cell donors have come forward to help a five-year old girl with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. 

Last week, more than 350 people registered at the Harrow Civic Centre offering swab samples for Kaiya Patel.

Kaiya, from Loudwater in Rickmansworth, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at Watford General Hospital on March 28.

Harrow Times:

Since her diagnosis her parents, Ruchit and Annu Patel, have campaigned tirelessly to find a match by encouraging people to make a donation to blood cancer charities, Anthony Nolan and DKMS. 

Harrow Council helped to organise the latest awareness drive with DKMS. 

The next Harrow swab test drop-in for Kaiya is at Orley Farm School on June 16 from 12pm – 3.30pm. Donors will have to provide a pain-free swab sample from their cheek.

Kaiya’s father Ruchit said her chances for a transplant are “not good” because people of an ethnically Asian background tend to have 30 % or lower chance of finding a match, whereas in Caucasians the chance is significantly higher.

He said of the news: “I was devastated, it’s heart-breaking, a huge punch in the gut.

“The strength of our little girl is inspiring and our friends and family have been a great source of strength. I don’t wish this on anyone.”

Harrow Times:

Sreeparna Roy, DKMS donor recruitment manager, said: “The search goes on. We need to keep on looking for local matches and add to our register. 

“It’s a very simple process - potential donors need to give us 3 cheek swab samples – the process is painless and takes just a few minutes. 

“Donors go onto the database and, if they are a match for someone, they can save a life.”

To find out how you can donate visit: or call 0303 303 0303 or call 0300 123 23 23 or call 020 8747 5620

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