Politicians and neighbours are furious about the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) which will see people pay to visit their hospital.

The ULEZ will come into force in central London in April 2019, before expanding to the North and South Circular Road in October 2021.

This could see Chingford residents pay £12.50 to drive to their local hospital, Whipps Cross in Leytonstone, or the other side of the North Circular Road.

Afzal Akram, a member of Conservative Friends for Pakistan, was one of the driving forces behind the ‘no’ campaign but was heartbroken to lose the battle.

He previously said the tax “penalises” poor and vulnerable people by charging them to visit the hospital, or friends and family.

“It is the wrong decision,” said Mr Akram, who is also campaign manager for the Waltham Forest Conservatives.

“The money should be spent on other things to tackle air pollution such as improving public transport.

“We should be helping people who cannot afford to switch their ‘non-compliant’ vehicles with diesel scrappage schemes so they can meet exhaust emission standards.

“I just hope the charge to people travelling to Whipps Cross doesn’t stop people missing their appointments because they can’t get there.

“If it does this will have a knock-on effect on their health.

“The whole Conservative party in Waltham Forest will be continuing to protest against it and it will be our priority going forward.”

John, of Beech Hall Road, Highams Park, lives where the North and South Circular Roads meet.

He said: “The £12.50 day charge is phenomenally steep and will particularly hit the elderly who will have to pay the charge when travelling to Whipps Cross Hospital.”

“This has been a very expensive option and the money could be better spent on electric vehicles or a diesel scrappage scheme to particularly help the poor and elderly.”

His wife drives a car that would not meet exhaust emission standards, meaning she would be hit by the charges.

Conservative Cllr for Chingford Green ward, Nick Halebi, is strongly opposed to its expansion.

He said: “These charges are going to hit the working class and people that don’t have the means to change their cars.

“They are going to hit the working class and people that don’t have the means to change their cars.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who introduced the measures, has defended the idea.

He said: “Tackling London’s lethal air and safeguarding the health of Londoners requires bold action.

“Some motorists will need help switching to greener transport options, which is why City Hall are urging Ministers to deliver a diesel scrappage scheme to get the dirtiest cars off our roads and offer drivers a fair deal, especially the many diesel drivers who brought vehicles thinking they were more environmentally friendly after Government advice.”