A woman has accused Harrow Council of “not caring” after it took months to deal with a complaint over a “monstrous” climbing frame overlooking her property.

Barbara Gee, of Cornwall Road, Hatch End, raised the issue in August last year after her neighbours built the oversized structure in their back garden.

She, and “at least two others”, said the frame overlooks neighbouring houses as it is more than three metres tall.

And while she clearly took issue with the climbing frame itself, Ms Gee was disappointed that the council did not step in sooner.

“It was as if they didn’t care; they didn’t take a blind bit of notice whenever anyone tried to bring it to their attention,” she said.

“It felt like I was knocking my head against a brick wall as nothing was being done about it.”

According to Ms Gee, the council assured her in October 2017 that it would deal with the matter, but nothing happened for several months.

She spoke with a member of the planning enforcement team, who, she said, promised to speak with both her and the owners of the climbing frame.

The 80-year-old said this meeting did not materialise and noted that, in her latest contact with the council, she was again reassured – without specific details – that the matter would be dealt with.

“That’s all well and good, but I was left thinking ‘how long are they going to take?’,” she said.

Harrow Council said it has been in contact with Ms Gee and her neighbours over the issue of the climbing frame.

It explained that it cannot be taller than three metres and, therefore, the owners would need to reduce the height to 2.5 metres or take it down.

As it did not hear back during the relevant enforcement period, it intends to take further action.