A Member of Parliament proposed that the public be given the chance to vote on the final terms set out by the Government on leaving the European Union. 

Harrow West MP, Gareth Thomas, proposed the motion on May 9 during Prime Minister’s Questions saying that people should be given a vote on the final outcome of Brexit.

Mr Thomas’s motion was carried and a second reading will take place on July 6.

In his speech, Mr Thomas said he will argue that “new facts” have emerged about Brexit since the 2016 referendum which could never have been known at the time, and that the Government’s own leaked impact analysis show Britain will be “worse under every possible Brexit deal”.

The MP for Harrow West will also tell the House of Commons: “On something as big as the Brexit deal why should it only be us, here in this House, who get to decide what is good enough?”

Describing a need for the vote, Mr Thomas said much of what was promised during the campaign about NHS funding, and other key services was “at best inaccurate and at worst deeply disingenuous”.

He also said: “As a former trade minister, I know the trade deals ministers want to negotiate will involve significant immigration into the UK; a truth ministers have been reluctant to explain to Leave voters.”

Mr Thomas said the public should have the right to vote on the final decision on an issue “as significant as this for all our futures”.