An ambulance team leader got more than he bargained for when he gave birth during a training exercise.

Bob Vince, who is a clinical team leader at the London Ambulance Service, took part in a simulated birth at Northwick Park Hospital on May 5, as part of a joint learning experience.

The training event, which coincided with International Day of the Midwife, involved the London Ambulance Service and Northwick Park Hospital’s midwifery team in a range of training aids and scenarios.

Sarah Barrow, a clinical tutor with the London Ambulance Service, said: “We’re essentially about speed and transport but are usually first on the scene if a mother has unexpectedly given birth outside hospital. 

“I’ve been called out to women who’ve given birth in everything from bathes and car parks to stairwells.”

The event was an opportunity for both teams to get a better understanding of one another’s work, and included the midwives taking a spin in an ambulance to see what sort of equipment the paramedics have to work in. 

The new mother, Rob, is said to be doing well and is rumoured to be starring in the remake of Junior. 

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the largest integrated healthcare trusts in the country, providing services to Harrow, Brent and Ealing.