A teacher of parent preparation classes has stood by an innovative method helping women countrywide to have better births.

Beth Owen, 40, has been teaching classes to women in Harrow and Pinner for the last five years.

The perinatal support method was created by The Daisy Foundation Maternity Innovator of the Year, Sian Gilmartin.

Sian was recognised for her contribution at the MaMa Conference awards in Glasgow, on April 4.

As well as building confidence, the birth preparation method helps women to manage the pressures of becoming a parent.

Beth said: “I see women who are utterly terrified of birth in the first class become calm and confident in just the space of a few classes and go on to have the positive birth that is right for them.”

The mother-of-three said she could “not be prouder” that Sian had been recognised for her programme.

Beth teaches four classes a week, including Tinies and Wrigglers, alongside running a business and her family commitments.

She said The Daisy Foundation gave her the flexibility to “be her own boss” and set her own hours alongside raising a family.

She added: “The fact that Daisy teachers are mums too means that they know what it is like in those tough first years of parenting and I think that is the magic ingredient in Daisy classes.”

Beth’s classes combine active antenatal teaching and “non-judgmental support”.

The Daisy Foundation birthing classes blend yoga-spired movement and breathing techniques, birth hypnosis and traditional antenatal education.

Daisy teachers receive comprehensive training and regular updates on the very latest perinatal research.

Sian Gilmartin, 40, took over Lazy Daisy in 2013 and turned it into The Daisy Foundation. She overhauled its birthing classes to incorporate a programme of active antenatal care.

Of the award, Sian said: “This award is not about me, it’s about the fabulous network of Daisy teachers who work so hard to support mums and dads through the tough challenges of pregnancy and parenthood.”

Find out more about The Daisy Foundation here: https://thedaisyfoundation.com/about/

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