Council workers were forced to work double shifts and over the weekends to deal with the fallout from the recent snowy weather.

Poor conditions caused traffic chaos across the country and meant that several council services were postponed, including bin collection.

A spokesperson at Harrow Council explained that, to deal with these missed collections, staff have been working around the clock.

They said: “The snow may seem like a long time ago now – but it left us with more than a thousand roads to catch up on bin collections, in addition to our usual rounds.

“Our crews have been working double shifts and weekends, and we are nearly there, but not quite. We will keep working to catch up on all the bins that were missed.”

The council thanked residents for their patience and apologised for any inconvenience caused.

It advised people to leave any outstanding blue recycling bins outside from Monday and to leave them there until they had been collected.

Any excess recycling should be placed alongside the bins in either open bags or a cardboard box, it added.