A group-buying scheme on solar panels is giving Londoners the chance to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar Together London, which is part of an energy programme put forward by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, offers neighbours and businesses the chance to buy and have panels fitted at a “competitive price”.

Individual applications are accepted but, the more people who sign up together, the bigger the discount for all involved.

Mr Khan said: “London has a wealth of buildings that can harness solar energy, but we're simply not making enough of them.

“Generating clean, local electricity can help cut bills, and bulk buying will make solar panels more affordable.

“I'm delighted to see so much interest in community energy, which is just one part of my plan to make London a zero-carbon city by 2050.”

Registration is free and is open until April 18. Applicants will receive a no-commitment offer, which will outline the estimated costs and returns based on roof specifications.

The first part of the scheme is running in Brent, Ealing, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

Anyone in London can still participate, though this is subject to installers’ availability in your area.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, said: “This is a fantastic deal for Brent residents to save on their energy bills, generate clean electricity and potentially earn money on excess energy generated.

“From recycling to sustainable travel, when given the option that works for them, residents choose a greener Brent.”