Brent has been crowned one of the first ever London boroughs of culture.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced Brent will be the London Borough of Culture in 2020, following Waltham Forest in 2019.

The ward will give people the chance to enjoy cultural riches in the area, after boroughs were invited to submit proposals on how they will do this.

For Brent, they spoke to a number of young people who had not heard of well known London art museums and theatres, and hope to deliver culture in the area for those under 30 which will be representative of their views of culture, rather than using a "top down" approach.

Some of the projects Brent will do include a summer-time street part for 200,000 around the A5, the commissioning of 10 new artworks for each Brent library and a major music festival, called No Bass Like Home, exploring the reggae roots of Brent.

The Mayor of London said: "London Borough of Culture is a game-changer for the capital. It will give all Londoners, regardless of background, the opportunity to enjoy the capital’s fantastic cultural riches, discover places they never knew existed and will increase the level of participation in the arts across the city – especially in outer London boroughs.

"Huge congratulations to Waltham Forest and Brent for their superb bids. I know that both will deliver a programme of work that will benefit residents and make the whole city proud. I am particularly happy to see both bids have placed such importance on young people.

"It’s vital that young people get access to culture, regardless of their background, so that they can aspire to be our performers, artists, entrepreneurs and cultural leaders of the future.

There were 22 bids in total across the 32 boroughs in London.

Author Zadie Smith, actor Riz Ahmed and footballer Raheem Sterling all pledged support to Brent’s bid, which will receive £1.35million of funding to deliver their programme.

Six other boroughs, who did not receive the bid, will receive a cultural impact award and funds to help aid their programmes.