FLAVOURS of the World market is visiting Uxbridge at the start of March.

Sweets and biscuits, cheese, cured meats, fuet and saucisson, coffee and mustards are among the items for sale.

Look out also for an unlikely culinary crossover at the Rao Deli, where France meets Vietnam.

Inspired by the French baguette, the Vietnamese offer their own take on it, the Bánh mì, a crusty and light, fluffy baguette of traditional Vietnamese ingredients.

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Traders will also be showcasing craft items, like bowls and ornaments, carved from Moroccan marble and Baltic amber, set into handcrafted jewellery, finely-woven Italian clothing, rugs and throws and more than 60 scents of soap.

Savoir-Fayre is staging the market in the high street from Thursday to Saturday,  March 1-3, from 9am to 6.30pm.