Almost 100 per cent of people have access to superfast broadband in some parts of the UK, as the Government seeks to make this a reality for every home and business.

The latest statistics show that 19 out of 20 properties have the opportunity to upgrade their internet connections to speeds of 24 Mbps or faster.

In Harrow East, this figure sits at 97.8 per cent, with these people able to fully experience the digital age.

The region’s MP, Bob Blackman, said: “Access to superfast broadband is great news for families and businesses in Harrow East.

“Because of the actions of this government almost every family and business in the UK can now get a quicker internet connection – meaning we can all use the internet faster and more easily, whether that means businesses reaching new customers, or parents doing the weekly shop.

“There is more to do, but each week we are reaching thousands more premises, and data released today underlines the important progress we have already made.

“By investing in the things that improve people’s day to day lives we will build a Britain that is fit for the future.”