A community continues to rally round one of its schools after it recently returned to its original site following a nine month exile.

Pinner Wood, which was forced to relocate last year upon the discovery of a chalk mine underneath its grounds, was awarded £4,000 from a scheme run by Tesco.

The ‘Bags of Help’ campaign, which awards money to deserving community projects, is based on token votes from members of the public.

And Pinner Wood, which has been healthily supported by people both inside and outside the school throughout its recent tumultuous history, is the latest to benefit.

It will use the money to improve its playground, with new equipment set to be installed.

Head teacher Sarah Marriott said: “The children couldn’t be more excited; first they’re back in Pinner and now they have more play equipment to enjoy using too.

“It is wonderful because they can see the community is looking out for them, thinking of them and wanting them to do well. For Pinner Wood, there really is no place like home.

“We want to say a very big thank you to all the parents, carers, grandparents, staff and friends who have been supporting us by shopping at Tesco’s – and, of course, to Tesco’s for making this all possible.”

It comes after the school was given funding by the Pinner Association, which recognised the upheaval it has been through and celebrated its return to Latimer Gardens.

Ms Marriott has praised her staff, parents and pupils for their hard work over the past nine months and said it was a fine example of how far resilience can take you.