Hatch End High School

Students at Hatch End High School, in Headstone Lane, are “very excited” to be taking part in this year’s Mind in Harrow Mastermind competition on February 22.

They have been raising as much money as possible and have spent the rest of their free time practising for the quiz.

Head teacher Sue Maguire explained how the school has had the chance to host a number of Mind in Harrow workshops, which, she said, highlight a small percentage of the significant impact the charity has on the community.

She said: “The Mastermind challenge allows the perfect combination of focusing on academic excellence, whilst also prioritising raising money for key individuals who will hugely benefit from the programme.

“Students have embarked on rigorous testing meetings, spending most Thursday break times trying to remember as much information as possible.”

Wikoria and Rares, who are both in Year 9 and are taking part in the challenge, said they have enjoyed the build up to the competition and the teamwork required to succeed.

“We are currently raising money through a variety of different fun activities, with the intention to raise as much as possible to improve our community,” Wikoria said.

“I enjoy being part of this team – everyone feels involved and has a certain role to play in the team’s success. I am looking forward to the competition in February.”

Rares added that he enjoys how the competition brings together his peers and those from a number of schools in Harrow.

Park High School

Students from Stanmore’s Park High School are also looking forward to the competition, which they say they are privileged to be taking part in.

One of the team’s captain’s, 13-year-old Zainab, explained how everyone involved had been rigorously practising for the big day.

She said: “My team and I have been getting mentally and physically ready for this amazing opportunity.

“To prepare, we have been quizzing each other on general knowledge and chosen subjects.

“We are also extremely excited to go to Harrow Boys School as the school is full of history and magnificent architecture.”

Her words were echoed by her counterpart, Krisha, and both captains mentioned the importance of raising money for a cause like Mind in Harrow.

Head teacher Emlyn Lumley said he was proud of his students for getting behind the campaign and wished them luck in the competition.

And Naomi Barker, who acted as lead teacher during the fundraising campaign, noted how the programme has brought the charity and school closer together.

“From the engaging ‘mindkit’ assemblies for students to staff training, myself, the school and MIND have a shared goal of equipping young people at Park High with the knowledge and skills required to support and raise awareness of mental health,” she said.

“Being presented with the Mastermind competition seemed a fantastic chance to not only fundraise for an organisation we wholly support but also to engage our year nines in a fun competition, where they can develop their team work and communication skills.”