A primary school has shown its charitable side by organising a number of special collection events.

The staff and pupils at Reddiford School in Pinner ran a toy appeal for children at Northwick Park Hospital over the festive period.

They were encouraged to bring in new toys for those at the hospital who were too ill to make it home for Christmas.

Head teacher Jean Batt explained that the children learnt how a surprise message or gift, however small, can have a far-reaching impact.

She said: “The school believes that actively fostering children's charitable impulses gives them a powerful boost in self-esteem as they realise they can make a difference in someone else's life.

“The children of Reddiford understand how important donating to a charity is.”

This was demonstrated further as they raised enough money to sponsor a puppy, in a project with the Guide Dogs charity.

They made ‘sensory hats’ as part of their fundraising drive, which incorporated the other senses to compensate for a lack of sight.

Mrs Batt noted how, after a visit from a blind woman, and her dog, Sid, the children were made fully aware of the challenges blind people face every day.

She added that the school was now looking forward to naming the sponsored pup, as well as running future charity events.