An award-winning children’s author paid a visit to his former primary school, which recently returned to its original site.

Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen dropped into Pinner Wood School to deliver a special assembly as part of the extended homecoming celebrations.

Rosen, who grew up in Harrow and attended the school until he was seven, recited some of his poems – complete with actions and sound effects – to the crowd of pupils.

He also donated a selection of his works to the school library in recognition of it returning to Latimer Gardens.

“I wanted to give you some presents as you’ve all done so well,” said the 71-year-old.

“I did come to this school but I’m very, very old. I was born in the Stone Age when they were building the tunnels under your school.

“When I was a boy all we had was stones and rocks. There was no television – just a rock! How did we live?”

Pinner Wood was forced to relocate after a huge chalk mine was discovered underneath its grounds and was deemed too dangerous to allow it to operate as normal.

Staff and students spent much of last year at the Harrow Civic Centre before officially moving back earlier this month.

Head teacher Sarah Marriott said: “We have been on such a high since we came back home and Michael’s visit has been the icing on the cake.

“He has taken such an interest in the school’s progress over the past few months – and couldn’t wait to welcome us back here.

“The children will treasure this memory of his visit and his gifts will take pride of place in our library.”

Her words were echoed by Cllr Christine Robson, who is responsible for children, schools and young people at Harrow Council.

She described Rosen as “inspirational” and said his visit could help unearth more budding writers from the school.