A scout group is set to buy eight new stand-up paddle boards after it was awarded a £900 cash boost as part of a community scheme.

The 13th Roxeth Scout Group, received the donation from Persimmon Homes North London who selected it as one of its ‘Community Champions’.

Organisations and charities can apply for one of the two monthly rewards, which are worth up to £1,000 each.

The Harrow-based scout group is set to purchase the boards so its members can engage in a fast-growing water activity.

Stand-up paddle boarding is an offshoot of surfing, in which participants use a paddle to propel themselves through the waves.

It has rapidly grown in popularity and is now seen across the globe, with regular tournaments and devoted media coverage.

Duncan Wakeling, a spokesman for the group, said the funding was “much appreciated”.

“Stand-up paddle boarding is a new and exciting sport all over the world and we want to give out young people a chance to participate and enjoy this sport,” he added.

The group raised £900 to contribute towards the cost of the boards, which will be matched by the building company.

Damian Seddon, director in charge at Persimmon Homes North London, said: “We strongly believe in supporting the communities where we build.

“It is great to hear that such an active scout group wants to provide its youngsters with more and more opportunities and experiences and we are delighted that we can provide further funds to help them increase their activities.”

Charities and organisations, including previously unsuccessful applicants, can visit www.persimmonhomes.com/charity to apply for funding.