An NHS Trust now officially has University Hospital status thanks to its “commitment” to research and teaching.

From December 1 onwards, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust will have the word ‘University’ in its title after it earnt membership to the Association of UK University Hospitals (AUKUH).

Bob Bell, AUKUH Chair, said: “A Trust which supports researchers and educators is one which can drive innovation and set the agenda for UK healthcare.

“The Association is very proud to have London North West Healthcare NHS Trust as a member and looks forward to the valuable input it will have at this crucial time for the health service.”

London North West, which also covers Central Middlesex Hospital and Ealing Hospital, joins 46 other members of the AUKUH after demonstrating its dedication to thorough research and undergraduate study.

Jacqueline Docherty, Chief Executive of the Trust, said the recognition was a formal acknowledgement of the role it plays in terms of training and healthcare innovation.

“A strong, positive signal of this kind will help us considerably in our efforts to strengthen relationships with partners, to build trust with the communities we serve and to recognise the impact of our outstanding clinical workforce within London, nationally and beyond,” she said.